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Saturday, May 23, 2015

What is ageLOC TR90 ?

AgeLOC TR90​
​(TRansformation in 90 Days)​ 
is a 12 week
 Weight Management
​and Body Shaping ​System
​Based on highly innovative Gene Expression Science, ​
​unifies your mind and body for a Leaner, Younger Looking you. It ​
consists of 4 key components:

  1. Advanced ​Products that target on Fat Metabolism Youth Gene Cluster, Lean Muscle Youth Gene Cluster and Appetite Youth Gene Cluster that genetically the major genes that determined how we get fatter while we aged
    • A​
       3 months supplement package that “re-engineers” the body
    • With US Patent on the complete weight management system 
    • Certified by Health Science Authority to be safe
      ​. ​
      Also certified Halal in 
  2. Powerful, Simple Eating Plan
     so that you will eat the right way, the right quantity and the right food, prepared the right way to create the best eating habit possible, for life. Many programmes inhibit you from eating daily obtainable food.  
    TR90 requires 
    that your first meal on the programme is your normal meal! 
  3. Active Lifestyle (
     that is effective, simple and non-strenuous to burn fa
  4. Coaching System​
     Weight gain happens easily for most people as weight gain is a result of their daily food eating habit!  For many overweight individuals, loosing weight requires them to do something different, to break the habit, to learn new habits.  The first step to learning and acquiring new habits is to be aware of old habits.  The monitor
    ing in TR90 includes a coaching system
     that allows students to attend where they work with coaches on creating that awareness!
​ageLOC Science
 is featured in DISCOVERY CHANNEL in 29th Dec 2012. Wow! You can get it from
​  ageLOC TR90 in youtube ​

   We focus on:
  • reducing body fat  
  • reducing visceral fat 
  • increasing muscle mass
  • body toning
  • increasing BMR
  • increasing anti-oxidant level
  • Creating a Healthy Eating Habit for Life
I have attached the following information to assist you to understand our programme and the supplements:

  • Product
     for the products in the
Please do not hesitate to contact me should you require additional information or clarification at the following wellness consultant:
      Heey Cheng Wong:
      phone: 60164458434 


DNA the next wave !

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