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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Goodbye Motorola! How Chicago's greatest tech company fell to earth?

Under the Galvin family, Motorola had soaring achievements. This was the company, remember, that invented the cellphone. Those days are over. What went wrong?  
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  1. True, most family business can't survive after 3rd generation of founders passed away if there is no good management team in place to lead the strategic direction.

    When Apple Steve Jobs left, the business was was down. Luckily, he came back to lead and rebuild success again but passed away later. The current CEO is an outsider, its market share is small and future is uncertain. The smartphone businesses are currently dominated by Samsung and Huawei ...

    Another factors that contributed to Motorola's fell are the staffs & peoples there suffer from 'complacency' as they 'glorify' the past achievements, become arrogance, without making more efforts to innovate and improve the business and organization in this competitive and changing world.

    Rise and fall, history repeated itself again n again, no difference among companies and nations, a very good lesson for all to learn from the history as our mirrors.